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The teams (all 128 of them) are split into 32 groups of four.  The groups are decided based on World Ranking , so the top 32 ranked teams are spread out in the Top 8 groups. These top 8 groups will play for the Cup. Groups 9 to 16 play for the Plate, groups 17 to 25 play for the Bowl and the last 8 groups will play for the Shield.

There are 6 group rounds (Rounds 1-6) and everyone plays each other home and away. Points are accumulated in the same way as the league, with 4 for a win, 2 for a draw and bonus points for 4 or more tries in a game and losing by only 7 points or less.  

After the completion of the group round robin stage, the final series begins with a play-off match in round 7, that decides between 2nd and 3rd who has a home fixture in the 1st knockout round. 1st and 4th will have a no consequence "Free-play" fixture.
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