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Group Rounds

The teams (all 128 of them) are split into 32 groups of four.  The groups are decided based on each teams top 15 players average CSR, and then the top 32 ranked teams are spread out in the Top 8 group.

These top 8 groups will play for the Cup. Groups 9 to 16 play for the Plate, groups 17 to 25 play for the Bowl and the last 8 groups will play for the Shield.

There are 6 group rounds (Rounds 1-6) and everyone plays each other home and away. Points are accumulated in the same way as the league, with 4 for a win, 2 for a draw and bonus points for 4 or more tries in a game and losing by only 7 points or less.  

After the completion of the group round robin stage, the final series begins with a play-off match in round 7, that decides between 2nd and 3rd who has a home fixture in the 1st knockout round. 

1st and 4th will have a no consequence "Free-play" fixture against a team from another group.
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