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  • Manager: francescor82
  • Home Ground: Nightingales Arena
  • Nickname: Howling Wolves, Alien Wannabes
  • Country: Italy
  • Founded: 21st February 2008
  • League: Division II
  • WCC XV Group: 6 - Find it  here or Group Quikview here

  • WCC Best:
    • WCC X Plate Winner
    • Inaugural WCC Masters Plate Champion

  • Favourite Player: Ernesto "Pretzel" Salatino 213 cm, second row. We still help him to tie his shoes, he can't reach them.
  • Bio: The Stargazers joined BR in the middle of its first official season, playing the playoff games, but missing the opportunity to be promoted in second division. For 6 seasons, the team stayed in III.2, which proved to be one of toughest III divisions in Italy, with never a single favourite team; thus, the Stargazers have the opportunity to strengthen the squad and to sharpen their tactical .ability.
  • Finally, in the 7th season, the Stargazers had the luck to be promoted to II.1, with brilliant results from the get-go.