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WCC XX Champion Crowned

posted Jan 26, 2014, 6:01 PM by Site Admin   [ updated Jan 26, 2014, 6:02 PM ]
The WCC XX (S20) has been concluded and Batmancagone's Jolly Roger Crew have been crowned World Club Champions for an amazing 3rd time, comprehensively defeating zuibaf's La Banda Bonnot 10-50 in wet conditions, at La Fortezza. 

With a 33 point lead at halftime, Batmancagone's team could afford to take their feet off the gas, but I would like to congratulate Zuibaf on a great WCC season, and for making the WCC Cup final for the 1st awesome effort.

Jolly Roger Crew's Fly-Half Diego Dominguez, once again had a great day scoring 20 points, and consolidating his lead to win the Cup/Plate Top Points Scorer.

There were some great matches throughout the finals and at the end of the season these are the standings;

Runner Up - La Banda Bonnot (ITA)
3rd Place - Millennium Falcons (NZL) 
4th Place - La Colonna Durruti (ITA)

Runner Up - Hammers (NAM)
3rd Place - Birmingham Tigers (ENG) 
4th Place - Osnabruck Warriors (GER) 

Runner Up - 3ème Age (IVC)
3rd Place - Pippero's (ITA)
4th Place - Alpha Company (SCO)

WCC XX SHIELD WINNER - Periculos Balti (ROM)
Runner Up - Badenoch Banshees (SCO) 
3rd Place - Stade Francais Paris (CHL) 
4th Place - Ramblers FVG (ITA) 

Runner Up - Old Greyonians (ENG)
3rd Place - Joinville Panzers (BRA) 
4th Place - Earth (ENG) 

WCC XX PLAQUE WINNER - Weymouth Bay Sharks (ENG)
Runner Up - Seoul City Dragons (SK) 
3rd Place - Team Congo (PI)
4th Place - Jeet Kune Do RFC (HK)

Next we have the prestigious "Iorwerth Award" which was created in honour of BR manager and WCC Founder Iorwerth, is awarded to the team that we believe has played throughout each season's competition with the commitment, passion and spirit, that was originally intended for the WCC, when the competition idea was conceived.

Of course each season there are many teams that I consider for the award, but this season I have decided to give the award to a team that competes every season within the spirit of the award, even if they do not have many trophies to show for their commitment to the WCC.........but their spirit is reward itself.

So this season the Iorwerth Award is given to The Titans manager Widget 


The final 6 awards are for the Top Points & Top Try Scorer in the Cup/Plate & Bowl/Shield and Vase/Plaque and they were as follows;

 WCC XX Cup/Plate Top Points Scorer
1st - Diego Dominguez - Jolly Roger Crew on 287 Points
2nd -Tarso Zambão - R.C. Grivita on 213 points
2nd -Jonah Shutler - The Stainless Steel Rats on 213 points

WCC XX Cup/Plate Top Try Scorer
1st - Luciano Fantassi - La Banda Bonnot on 12 tries
1st - Tyler Clayton - Millennium Falcons on 12 tries

WCC XXBowl/Shield Top Points Scorer
1st -Sonny Skipp - Pippero's on 205 points
2nd - Savino D'Allesandro - Rc Rahova on 195 points
 3rd - Bernardo Madeira - 3ème Age on 183 points

WCC XX Bowl/Shield Top Try Scorer
1st - Ermes Iesi - Alpha Company on 9 tries
1st - Andrew Reynolds - Pippero's on 9 tries
1st - Jae-Sang Park - Busan Marauders RFC on 9 tries

WCC XX Vase/Plaque Top Points Scorer
1st - Benjamin Susoko - Earth on 185 points
2nd - Adam McCulley - The Higgs Bosons on 162 points
3rd - Tawhiri Malolu - I Legionari on 149 points

WCC XX Vase/Plaque Top Try Scorer
1st - Raul Grisolia - Seoul City Dragons on 12 tries

All trophies have been awarded.

The WCC Masters Teams

Cup - Jolly Roger Crew

Plate - R.C. Grivita (ROM)

Bowl - RC Rahova (ROM)

Shield - Periculos Balti (ROM)

Vase - I Legionari (ITA)

Plaque - Weymouth Bay Sharks (ENG)

Also the winner of the WCC Cup Masters will play the winner of the Blackout Rugby International Championship (BRIC) for ultimate bragging rights.

Thanks to all managers who took part this are what makes this competition so great.