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XXVIII Round 6

posted May 5, 2016, 10:44 PM by Site Admin   [ updated May 15, 2016, 11:42 PM ]
The WCC XXVIII 6th Group Round has now been completed, results entered and the group tables have been updated.

If you look at your groups, you will notice that the teams that will at this stage progress onto the regular finals are in white, and the teams in the "Danger Area" are now highlighted in Red.

Just a reminder, after the 10 group rounds, if you do not make the regular finals, the WCC will be over for you this be warned  

We still have some undefeated teams, so in no particular order they are;
  • Koodoo Rand Diamond Geezers (ZIM)
  • Jolly Roger Crew (ENG)
  • Beginners Mind RFC (SCO)
  • Stade Francais Paris (CHI) 
  • Northumberland Hobbits (ENG)
  • PUC (FRA) 
  • Byron Bay DropBears (AUS)
  • Les Cranes Epais (FRA)
  • Seoul City Dragons (SK) 
  • Borracharia Do José Wilke (BR) 
  • Dundalk R.F.C (IRL
  • Griffons RFC (RSA) 
  • De Pixies Van Der Flanders (JPN)
  • Archer's Warriors (ENG)
  • Auckland Katipos R.F.C. (NZL)

The top scorer sheets have also been updated, and you can see the QwikLink HERE.