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XXXI Champion Crowned

posted Jun 2, 2017, 10:09 PM by Site Admin   [ updated Jun 2, 2017, 10:09 PM ]
The WCC XXXI has now been completed, and Safe Hands Koodoo Rand Diamond Geezers have been crowned World Club Cup Champions for the 3rd time, beating Beginners Mind RFC 17 - 32 at Lowbury Stadium in Scotland.

This must be deja vu for Beginners Mind manager qpeace, who made the final in S28 also against Safe Hands, and unfortunately the result was the same, but I am sure he will be back next year to have another crack.

In one of the tightest seasons I can remember, 6 of the 8 Finals were won by 10 points or less, so congratulations to all managers.

So the WCC XXXI Final Standings look like this;

WCC XXXI CUP CHAMPION - Koodoo Rand Diamond Geezers (ZIM)
 Runner Up - Beginners Mind RFC (SCO)
 3rd Place - Jolly Roger Crew (NZL)
 4th Place - Canterbury of Carugate (WAL)

 Runner Up - Val-Vartej (ROM)
 3rd Place - RC 3eme Mi Temps (FRA)
 4th Place - Guns N' Roses (CRO)

WCC XXXI BOWL WINNER - Adelaide Marauders RFC (AUS)
 Runner Up - Westmen (IRL)
 3rd Place - Egged On Soldiers (GEO)
 4th Place - Les Cranes Epais (FRA)

 Runner Up - Irons (IVC)
 3rd Place - Becks Animals (AUS)
 4th Place - The Pink Fluffy Bunnies (SK)

WCC XXXI VASE WINNER - Daintree Ducks United (AUS)
 Runner Up - The Pirates (ENG)
 3rd Place - Welcome Bay Bandits (POL)
 4th Place - Venice Lions Rugby (ITA)

WCC XXXI PLAQUE WINNER - Auckland Katipos R.F.C. (NZL)
 Runner Up - Pignolos Morlaix Gang (USA)
 3rd Place - Ratosville (FRA)
 4th Place - Wynberg St. Johns (NAM)

WCC XXXI RESIN WINNER - Queenstown Warriors (NZL)
 Runner Up - Orques (FRA)
 3rd Place - Orda Massimalista (ITA)
 4th Place - Mad Scientists Kraków (POL)

 Runner Up - Puss In Boots (RSA)
 3rd Place - Prophets of Splott (WAL)
 4th Place - Kiwi Overstayers (ENG)

Next we have the prestigious "Iorwerth Award" which was created in honour of BR manager and WCC Founder Iorwerth, is awarded to the team that we believe has played throughout each season's competition with the commitment, passion and spirit, that was originally intended for the WCC, when the competition idea was conceived.

Of course each season there are many teams that I consider for the award, and this season was no exception, but I believe that Youngman, manager of Wynberg St Johns and the Mohicans, has again shown the qualities that I look for in a recipient of the award.

Every season Youngman always play within the spirit in which the WCC was created, and his teams bounce back without complaint each season, wherever they finish.

So I am proud to announce this season's Iorwerth Awards go to;

 Wynberg St Johns - Manager: Youngman

The top scorer sheets have also been updated, and you can see final positions HERE.

Lastly the WCC Masters fixtures will take place next week, and the matchups will be as below;

WCC Masters XXII Cup
 Metallist Kharkov (RUS) vs Koodoo Rand Diamond Geezers (ZIM)

WCC Masters XXII Plate
 Nafta (ITA) vs La Raille De Besagne (BEL)

WCC Masters XXII Bowl
 Hairless Wonders (GEO) vs Adelaide Marauders RFC (AUS)

WCC Masters XXII Shield
 Thor Dragons (ESP) vs Kinki Dragons (JPN)

WCC Masters XXII Vase
 Mars Spiders Rugby Club (IRE) vs Daintree Ducks United (AUS)

WCC Masters XXII Plaque Champion - Auckland Katipos R.F.C. (NZL)
Awarded Automatically

WCC Masters XXII Resin Champion - Queenstown Warriors (NZL)
Awarded Automatically

WCC Masters XXII Jonesy Champion - Flaminio Runners (ITA)
Awarded Automatically