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XXXIII Champion Crowned

posted Jan 12, 2018, 2:52 AM by Site Admin   [ updated Jan 12, 2018, 2:52 AM ]
The WCC XXXIII has now been completed, and Batmancagone has lead his Jolly Roger Crew to their 9th World Club Cup Champions Trophy, almost double the feat achieved by any other managers. 

In last nights game, at Tortuga Bay Stadium in South Africa, Australia's Parramatta Old Boys, who were making their 1st WCC Cup Final, got points on the board first, which I am sure made prophail proud, but even though the Old Boys played out of their skins, it was not enough to stop the might of the Jolly Roger Crew, who ended up with the 47 - 29 Win.

Batmancagone won his 1st World Club Cup title back in Season 5 (WCC V), and he is the most successful WCC Manager of all time, bar none.

As mentioned last season, he has outlasted the domination of the Frodsham Koala Bears, Hoi An and Khan, in whatever nation he resides in, or whatever BR has thrown at him, we are proud that he supports the competition every season and long may it continue.

Congratulations must also go to prophail who also knocked off some great teams on his way to the final, it was an fantastic effort.

There were some great matches across the board but just wanted to pay tribute to two particular managers. I first wanted to thank donkeysaint for offering to give up his home advantage in the Vase Final against cincta's Acuticaudas Rugby Club, a very sportsmanlike gesture, and even though it made no difference to the outcome....I applaud your sir  .

This noble gesture has also allowed me to add an additional Trophy to the WCC List, and will be named after another of the WCC Founders in manager RFS and will be called the WCC RFS Sportsman Award (See more info below)

Secondly RC Wimaola's manager wimaol who navigated his team from 4th in the group rounds,with only 3 wins, to take out the WCC Bowl Title.......a great achievement....and I cannot remember it being done before...

Lastly I noticed that there were a couple of teams, who achieved their 2nd successive Runner Up Trophies, this is a great please don't be discouraged, there is always next season  

So the WCC XXXIII Final Standings look like this;

Runner Up - Parramatta Old Boys (AUS)
3rd Place - Beginners Mind (SCO)
4th Place - Koodoo Rand Diamond Geezers (ZIM)

Runner Up - Stuckeley Rfc (ENG)
3rd Place - Zwarte Barbarians (BEL)
4th Place - Nafta (ITA)

Runner Up - Praetorians (ENG)
3rd Place - Pippero's (ITA)
4th Place - Les Bandits Manchots (FRA)

Runner Up - Les Cranes Epais (FRA)
3rd Place - Taidors Black Cats (AUS)
4th Place - Maul Formed (HK)

WCC XXXIII VASE WINNER - Auckland Katipos R.F.C. (NZL)
Runner Up - Acuticaudas Rugby Club (ITA)
3rd Place - Welcome Bay Bandits (POL)
4th Place - Pignolos Morlaix Gang (USA)

Runner Up - Aberystwyth Wanderers (WAL)
3rd Place - Busan Dockers RFC (SK)
4th Place - Mount Reynold (ITA)

WCC XXXIII RESIN WINNER - Queenstown Warriors (NZL)
Runner Up - Hurons (CAN)
3rd Place - Chiredzi Hippos (ZIM)
4th Place - Praha Cymraeg (CZE)

Runner Up - Blackout Berserkers (GEO)
3rd Place - Orques (FRA)
4th Place - Auris HSD (JPN)

Next we have the prestigious "Iorwerth Award" which was created in honour of BR manager and WCC Founder Iorwerth, is awarded to the team or teams that we believe have played throughout each season's competition with the commitment, passion and spirit, that was originally intended for the WCC, when the competition idea was conceived.

Of course each season there are many teams that I consider for the award, and this season was no exception, but I believe that there were 2 managers, who again shown the qualities that I look for in a recipients of the award.

Firstly as mentioned above RC Wimaola manager wimaol who navigated his team from 4th in the group rounds,with only 3 wins, to take out the WCC Bowl Title. I believe this showed great commitment and faith in his team, that they could get the job done. Quite often I believe, managers who don't secure any home finals fixtures go lose faith and go by the wayside, but wimaol showed that is can be done...well done mate.

The second award goes to Praha Cymraeg manager Redonist who's team again finished 4th in their group but managed to fight it out for the trophies, but unfortunately did not manage to grab themselves one.

Of course Redonist is not a newbie to the WCC, and some of his other teams have graced IGT and WCC Podiums, but his commitment and enthusiasm for the comps can never be questioned...well done mate.

So I am proud to announce this season's Iorwerth Awards go to;

RC Wimaolca - Manager: wimaol
Praha Cymraeg - Manager: Redonist

As briefly mentioned above, this season I have decided to introduce the WCC RFS Sportsman Award, in honour of one of the WCC Founders manager RFS.

For a long time I have been the face of the WCC, but there was work and reputation that preceded me and I have been proud to evolve and grow the comp since the early days, but RFS & Iorwerth were the managers who started the journey.

The Trophy contains a Shield and RFS's Basingwerk RFC "Well Warriors" Logo.

Auckland Katipos R.F.C. - Manager: donkeysaint

The Top Scorer Sheets have also been updated and you can see the winners on them HERE.

All Trophies have now been awarded