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XXXIV Champion Crowned

posted May 5, 2018, 8:24 PM by Site Admin   [ updated May 5, 2018, 8:25 PM ]
The WCC XXXIV has now been completed, and Safe Hands Koodoo Rand Diamond Geezers have been crowned World Club Cup Champions for the 4th time, beating the reigning WCC Champions, the Jolly Roger Crew 41 - 13 at the Old Mine Stadium in Zimbabwe.

It was a fairly one sided match, which could signal that Batmancagone is about ready for a re-build, and I have just had confirmation that his Jolly Roger Crew will not take part next season, but I believe his 9 World Cup Championships tally, may not be overtaken......

However this season is all about Safe Hands team who took out both IGTWCC & WCC Championships, and will be automatically awarded the WCC Cup Masters Trophy....well done mate.

Congratulations to all the other managers who took out the trophies in the groups.....some very fine, well contested efforts     

So the WCC XXXIV Final Standings look like this;

WCC XXXIV CUP CHAMPION - Koodoo Rand Diamond Geezers (ZIM)
Runner Up - Jolly Roger Crew (RSA)
3rd Place - Beginners Mind (SCO)
4th Place - Canterbury of Carugate (WAL)*

Runner Up - Frankfurt Badgers (GER)
3rd Place - Egged On Soldiers (HK)
4th Place - RC Wimaolca (FRA)

WCC XXXIV BOWL WINNER - Auckland Katipos R.F.C. (NZL)
Runner Up - Alpha Company (USA)
3rd Place - Rc 3eme Mi Temps (FRA)
4th Place - La Raille De Besagne (FRA)

WCC XXXIV SHIELD WINNER - Acuticaudas Rugby Club (ITA)
Runner Up - Annie’s Superteam (POL)
3rd Place - Thor Dragons (ESP)
4th Place - Adelaide Marauders RFC (AUS)

Runner Up - Aberystwyth Wanderers (WAL)
3rd Place - Marshalling Sheep Of Antioch (ENG)
4th Place - Basingwerk RFC (WAL)

WCC XXXIV PLAQUE WINNER - Queenstown Warriors (NZL)
Runner Up - Mount Reynold (ITA)
3rd Place - Thames Ironworks (PI)
4th Place - Hurons (CAN)

Runner Up - Los Pintxos (FRA)
3rd Place - Guerreros Choiols (ARG)
4th Place - Las Vacas (ARG)

Runner Up - Ravello Patriots (ITA)
3rd Place - The Foxe's (IRL)
4th Place - Velma Irregulars (POL)

Next we have the prestigious "Iorwerth Award" which was created in honour of BR manager and WCC Founder Iorwerth, is awarded to the team or teams that we believe have played throughout each season's competition with the commitment, passion and spirit, that was originally intended for the WCC, when the competition idea was conceived.

Of course each season there are many teams that I consider for the award, and this season was no exception, but I believe that there was particular managers, who again shown the qualities that I look for in a recipient of the award.

This season the Award goes to Hammers manager RajahIrons, who has competed in many levels of the WCC for many, many season, and always comes back each season regardless of whether they win silverware or not, and he...and many other managers like him, are the reason the comp has been successful since the beginning of BR....and for as long as it may continue.

So I am proud to announce this season's Iorwerth Awards go to;

Hammers & Thames Ironworks - Manager RajahIrons

As mentioned last season, I decided to introduce the WCC RFS Sportsman Award, in honour of one of the WCC Founders manager RFS.

For a long time I have been the face of the WCC, but there was work and reputation that preceded me and I have been proud to evolve and grow the comp since the early days, but RFS & Iorwerth were the managers who started the journey.

The Trophy contains a Shield and RFS's Basingwerk RFC "Well Warriors" Logo.

This season the Trophy goes to Hercufleas United manager robelix who has been with us at least since season 11, and has always competed at the top, with success at times, but always with a desire to compete....whoever the opposition...we are glad to have you in the WCC mate. 

Hercufleas United Manager - Robelix

The Top Scorer Sheets have also been updated and you can see the winners HERE

All Trophies have now been awarded   

Lastly the WCC Masters fixtures will take place over the coming week, so look out for your fixture if you are listed below;

So the WCC Masters XXV Representatives are;

WCC Masters XXV Cup
Awarded Automatically to Koodoo Rand Diamond Geezers (ZIM)

WCC Masters XXV Plate
Rc 4eme Mi Temps (BEL) vs Hairless Wonders (GEO)

WCC Masters XXIV Bowl
Adelaide Marauders RFC (AUS) vs Auckland Katipos R.F.C. (NZL)

WCC Masters XXIII Shield
Acuticaudas Rugby Club (ITA) vs Basingwerk RFC (WAL)

WCC Masters XXIV Vase
Patea Maori Club (NZL) vs The Crows (IVC)

WCC Masters XXIV Plaque
Queenstown Warriors (NZL) vs Ravello Patriots (ITA)

As there was no Resin or Jonesy in the IGTWCC this season, the Resin will be contested by the winners of the WCC Resin & Jonesy

WCC Masters XXIV Resin
FRC Precy-sous-Thil (FRA) vs The Jackdaws (BEL)

Good Luck to all teams