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XXX Round 2

posted Nov 17, 2016, 8:40 PM by Site Admin   [ updated Nov 17, 2016, 8:40 PM ]
Dear Managers,

The WCC XXX Round 2 has now been completed, fixtures entered and group tables updated.

Bren has been working on a WCC Team of the week for me...........Thanks is still a work in progress, but here was the Team of the week for Round 1.

WCC Round 1 Team of the Week
1. Jerome Youngman (Taidors Black Cats)
2. Ciro Pavia (Black Bear RC)
3. Roman Vykopal (Praha Cymraeg)
4. Gaspar Blas (Wallachians R.F.C.)
5. Otto Hesse (Porto San Giorgio S.C.A.)
6. Simon Stacey (Hurons)
7. Princess Diana (Egged On Soldiers)
8. John Falcon (Black Swamp RFC)
9. Lionello Alessio (Acuticaudas)
10. Aiden Edmonds (Jolly Roger Crew)
11. Alexander Hansen (Sibiu Raccoons)
12. Daryl Chinn (Hurons)
13. Fabian Hollister (The Pink Fluffy Bunnies)
14. Cliff Paskin (Pippero's)
15. Morihiro Shinozaki (Blindados Rugby Clube)

Bench Players
16. Niculae Graur (Sibiu Raccoons)
17. Danny Barrey (The Higgs Bosons)
18. Omar Angelillo (Prophets Of Splott)
19. Anthony Millington (Cornish Vikings)
20. Ronnie Pullan (Busan Dockers RFC)
21. Grover Sproston (Bizzarus XV)
22. Jake Dingwall (Auris HSD)

Player of the Week: Gaspar Blas (Wallachians R.F.C.)