S47 Resin Finals

Group 25 Qualifiers

Mistros (ENG)**

Hendon Rangers (ENG)*

Hastings Stormers (FRA)

West Auckland Tigers (NZL)

Group 26 Qualifiers

Cthulhu Rugby (PI)**

The Wildhearts (ENG)*

Guevara (BRA)

NRW Rievers (GER)

Group 27 Qualifiers

Blue Cold Chili Peppers (CHI)**

Kalahari Ratels (KEN)*

The Rattlers (ENG)

Knight Of The Rueful Counten (RUS)

Group 28 Qualifiers

Highfield (UGY)**

Rugby Club Walferdange (GER)*

Rusape (ZIM)

Parramatta Young Guns (JPN)

WCC XXXXVII (S47) Resin Finals