S53 Teams

The teams below took part in the WCC LIII (S53). 

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Group 1

Porto San Giorgio S.C.A. (ITA)

Saints RFC (NZL)

Dragon Lord (PI) 

Les Guenilles De Bondes (FRA)

SC Angouleme (FRA)

Group 2

Koodoo Rand Diamond Geezers (ZIM)

La 7eme Compagnie (BRA)

Beginners Mind RFC (SCO)

XV Hommes En Colère (FRA)

Auckland Katipos R.F.C. (NZL)

Group 3

Ravello Patriots  (GER)

Maul Formed (NZL)

Stade Gaulois Alpin (FRA)

Reading Biscuitmen (CAN)

Squirmy Worms (IRE)

Group 4

Fiume Patriots (CRO)

Ironmonger FC (HK)

Tomitanii (ROM)

Oxford Outlaws RUFC (ENG)

RC Wimaolca (FRA)


Group 5

Malvín Rugby Club (UGY)

Genicera (ESP)

Nafta (ITA)

Patea Maori Club (NZL)

Mistros (ENG)

Group 6

Flaminio Runners (ITA)

Becks Animals (AUS)

Dundee RFC (SCO)

Soczi Thrashers (POL)

Les Lapins De 3 Semaines (BEL)

Group 7

Kazbek Climber (GEO)

Bibèriens (FRA)

Raging Celtic Frogs (ENG)

MagnaRomagna (ITA)

Berliner Rugby Club (GER)

Group 8

Andean's Gold Warriors (CHI)

Flints RFC (CAN)

Parramatta Old Boys (AUS)

L'Ankou (FRA)

Scavengers (SK)


Group 9

Kings Run It (PI)

The Mince Pie Mafia (KEN)

Guardo Sharks (SPA)

Guerreros Choiols (ARG)

Olimpia Wroclaw Rugby (POL)

Group 10

Expendable Chinchillas (CHI)

Widdershining Sheep Of Antioch (ENG)

Pumpkinators (USA)

R.C. Grivita (ROM)

Delta Force RFC (SCO)

Group 11

JC's Wrath (ENG)

Joanna's Mustache (WAL)

Vultures RC (KEN)

Dak-Galbi Eaters (SK)

Manu Istros (PI)

Group 12

Raionkingu (RSA)

Lespetssansretenue (ITA)

Cthulhu Rugby (PI)

Adelaide Marauders RFC (AUS)

Daegu Devils (SK)


Group 13

Cornish Vikings (ENG)

Los Coihues RC (ARG)

Take The A Train (USA)

Moggie Monsters (HKG)

Stade Francais Paris (CHI)

Group 14

Chiredzi Communist Commune (ZIM)

The Jackdaws (BEL)

Teignmouth Rebels (ENG)

Bundaberg Polar Bears (AUS)

Rugby Club Walferdange (GER)

Group 15

Bennis (NZL)

The Wildhearts (ENG)

Gladio23 (ITA)

New Emanuel RFC (ENG)

MT Julian Marlins (AUS)

Group 16

Busan Dockers RFC (SK)

Nautico Necochea (ARG)

Western (ZIM)

Milford RYFC (ENG)

The Mist (PI)


Group 17


Lizards (CZH)

De Pijp Hammer (NLD)

Casino RC (ARG)

Sportul Studentesc (ROM)

Group 18

Up The Wahz (NZL)

A.S.A. Tel Aviv Rugby Club (GER)

Cumberland Exiles (HK)

Konstanz Warriors (WAL)

Steaua Bucuresti (ROM)

Group 19

1. Kieler Rugby Fussball Verein (GER)

Kenfig RFC (WAL)

Weight Watchers (JPN)

Steelers (RSA)

Rooikatte (SK)

Group 20

Land of the Rising Scrum (JPN)

Gorse Hill (ENG)

King's Canterbury (NLD)

Balrogs Of Morgoth (PI)

Chicken Cobras (CAN)


Group 21

Bradford Bulls (ENG)

Highfield (UGY)

Alpha Company (USA)

Kiwi Understayers (CRO)

Anaka Exiles (IVC)

Group 22

Transformers (PI)

Piss Artists (NZL)

Loch Ness Exiles R.C. (SCO)

Harragas (GEO)

Takai Tawa RFC (JPN)