XLIX Champion Crowned

The WCC XLIX has now been completed, and the Auckland Katipos R.F.C. managed by donkeysaint have been crowned World Club Cup Champions for the 2nd time beating ScarfaceFDS's Porto San Giorgio S.C.A. 44 - 24 at the Great Web Stadium in New Zealand.

donkeysaint arguably one of the best tacticians in the game, showed that with a bit of luck, and a great game plan, you can still knock over a giant of the game.

Congratulations to ScarfaceFDS for another great campaign, just coming up short at the end again, but I have a sneaky suspicion that next season maybe the obne, fingers crossed for you, and also a big well done to all the other managers who took out the trophies in the groups.....some very fine, well contested efforts

So the WCC XLIX Final Standings look like this;

  • WCC XLIX CUP CHAMPION - Auckland Katipos R.F.C. (NZL)

  • Runner Up - Porto San Giorgio S.C.A. (ITA)

  • 3rd Place - Dragon Lord (PI)

  • 4th Place - Reading Biscuitmen (CAN)

  • WCC XLIX PLATE WINNER - Catfish Crusaders (NZL)

  • Runner Up - Saints RFC (NZL)

  • 3rd Place - Patea Maori Club (NZL)

  • 4th Place - New Emanuel RFC (ENG)

  • WCC XLIX BOWL WINNER - Cordoba Esperanza (FRA)

  • Runner Up - Metal Warriors (BEL)

  • 3rd Place - RC Wimaolca (FRA)

  • 4th Place - MatiMateo (ARG)

  • WCC XLIX SHIELD WINNER - Raging Celtic Frogs (ENG)

  • Runner Up - Matabele Invaders (ZIM)

  • 3rd Place - Bibèriens (FRA)

  • 4th Place - Greenock Rugby (SCO)

  • WCC XLIX VASE WINNER - Koodoo Rand Diamond Geezers (ZIM)

  • Runner Up - Adelaide Marauders RFC (AUS)

  • 3rd Place - Les Lapins De 3 Semaines (BEL)

  • 4th Place - Putney Pirates (ENG)


  • Runner Up - Takai Tawa RFC (JPN)

  • 3rd Place - Pumpkinators (USA)

  • 4th Place - Blue Cold Chili Peppers (CHI)

  • WCC XLIX RESIN WINNER - Carlisle Scottish (ENG)

  • Runner Up - Daegu Devils (SK)

  • 3rd Place - Eimsbüttler Koalas (NLD)

  • 4th Place - Parramatta Young Guns (JPN)

Next we have the prestigious "Iorwerth Award" which was created in honour of BR manager and WCC Founder, Iorwerth, and it is awarded to the team or teams that we believe have played throughout each season's competition with the commitment, passion and spirit, that was originally intended for the WCC, when the competition idea was conceived.

This season the Trophy goes to Porto San Giorgio S.C.A. Manager: ScarfaceFDS who has been competing in the WCC for over 20 seasons, and has been Cup Runner Up for the last 2 seasons, so he has agreat pedigree and it is managers like him that have been the backbone of this comp for years.

So I am proud to announce this season's Iorwerth Award goes to;


  • Porto San Giorgio S.C.A. (ITA): Manager: ScarfaceFDS

You can see the Top Scorer Final positions on the HERE

This also means that the winners will take part in the WCC Masters in the next week or so, over 2 Legs.