Resin Groups

Group 25

Mistros (ENG)

Hendon Rangers (ENG)

Hastings Stormers (FRA)

West Auckland Tigers (NZL)

Campeão Dos Enólogos (POR)

Group 26

The Wildhearts (ENG)

Cthulhu Rugby (PI)

Guevara (BRA)

NRW Rievers (GER)

Blanco Blonco (POL)

Group 27

Blue Cold Chili Peppers (CHI)

Kalahari Ratels (KEN)

The Rattlers (ENG)

The Knight Of The Rueful Counten (RUS)


Group 28

Rugby Club Walferdange (GER)

Stade Francais Paris (CHI)

Rusape (ZIM)

Highfield (UGY)

Parramatta Young Guns (JPN)

[S47] WCC XXXXVII - Resin Groups