RFS Sportsman Award Hall of Fame

The "RFS Sportsman Award", which was created in honour of BR manager and one of the WCC Founders RFS. In season 33 (WCC XXXIII)  I have decided to introduce the WCC RFS Sportsman Award, which may be awarded to a manager each season for showing great sportsmanship up and above what we normally see in the WCC.

For a long time I have been the face of the WCC, but there was work and reputation that preceded me and I have been proud to evolve and grow the comp since the early days, but RFS was instrumental in starting the WCC Legacy. The Trophy contains RFS's Basingwerk RFC "Well Warriors" Logo, on a shield of gold. As the RFS Sportsman Award was not conceived until S33, and out of respect for RFS himself, and the tireless work and sportsmanship he has shown over many seasons, I am going to award the Season 32 Award to RFS himself. 

The teams below received the "RFS Sportman Award" each WCC season, because they have showed exemplary "Sportsmanship" that is worthy of this prestigious Award.


WCC LIII - 1. Kieler Rugby Fussball Verein - Manager: Steffen

WCC XLVIII - Adelaide Marauders RFC (AUS) - Manager: Jonesy

WCC XLIV - Tremulous Sheep Of Antioch - Manager: Quindecagon


WCC XLII - North Harbour Falcons - Manager: NM

WCC XLI - Extra Large San Miguel - Manager: Javi Andrello

WCC XL - Auckland Katipos R.F.C. - Manager: donkeysaint

WCC XXXIX - Aberystwyth Wanderers - Manager: fatman

WCC XXXVIII - Westmen - Manager: Westman

WCC XXXVII - Nafta - Manager: Mr Zeta

WCC XXXV - Flaminio Runners - Manager: jdona

WCC XXXIV - Hercufleas United Manager: Robelix

WCC XXXIII - Auckland Katipos R.F.C. - Manager: donkeysaint

WCC XXXII - Basingwerk RFC - Manager: RFS