S55 Finals

Finals Rules:

From here on in it is a straight, 4 round knockout in each of the respective competitions.  

The teams that finish in 1st place in the group rounds, are awarded a home fixture in the Knockout Round and the Quarter Final. The team that finishes in 2nd place is awarded a home fixture in the knockout round.

The 1st place team in each group will have a Home fixture in the knockout round and the Quarter Final, and the 2nd place team will have a home fixture in the Knockout Round only.

Their opponents will be drawn completely at random from the teams who finished 3rd & 4th place (possibly from the same group).

In the Quarter Finals,the teams who finished in 1st Place in the group rounds, will still have a home fixture, however their opponents will be selected at random, and not follow the traditional ladder system. 

After the Quarter Finals, all remaining fixtures will be selected at random, similar to the normal Blackout Rugby National Cup.

Tied Fixture Ruling

NB: If after 80 minutes the scores are tied, the Blackout Rugby tie-breaking rules will be applied, which means extra time followed by a kicking competition.